Data Structures Lab

              Have a good understanding of how several fundamental algorithm works, particularly those concern with sorting and searching.

To analyze time and space efficiency of most algorithm.

To teach the student to write programs in C and C++ by solving of data structure algorithm.

Windows Programming Lab

              To introduce the concepts of windows programming

To introduce GUI programming using Microsoft Foundation Classes

To enable the students to develop programs and simple applications

Operating System Lab

              To have an overview of components of an operating systems

To have a thorough knowledge of Process management, Storage management, I/O and File Management.

To have an understanding of a distributed operating systems.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab

              To introduce to students the basics of microprocessor and microcontroller Programming and their applications.

The students will be equipped with the basic knowledge of microprocessor and microcontroller interfacing and their applications.

Data Base Management System Lab

              To study the concepts of Data base using Oracle.

To understand the better concept of data storage and how they are organized.

Develop dynamic applications using any frontend.

Networks Lab

              To use simulation tools.

To Understand the Network programming concepts like: ARP/RARP, bit stuffing, CRC

To develop Client/Server Application

Compiler Design Lab

              To provide a student with an understanding of the fundamental principles in compiler design and to provide the skills needed for building compilers for various situations that one may encounter in a career in Computer Science.

To train students to develop programs in different parsers, optimization etc.,

It also covers programming in various tools like LEX and YACC for scanning and parsing etc.

J2SE – Core JAVA

              To learn the basics of core Java programming concepts like native code interface, threads, etc.

To develop network programs in Java

To understand Concepts needed for distributed and multi-tier applications

To understand issues in enterprise applications development.

Case Tools Lab

              To Practice the Program Analysis and Project Planning Thorough study of the problem – Identify project scope, Objectives, Infrastructure.

To understand the concepts of Data Modeling Use work products – Data dictionary, Use diagrams and activity diagrams, build and test lass diagrams, Sequence diagrams and add interface to class diagrams.

C# & .Net Lab

              The student will gain knowledge in the concepts of the .NET framework as a whole and the technologies that constitute the framework.

The student will gain programming skills in C# both in basic and advanced levels.

By building sample applications, the student will get experience and be ready for large-scale projects.

Web Services Lab

              To practice and understand the structure of XML and HTML language.

To focus on developing efficient algorithms to solve computational problems in data management systems for XML.

To teach the student to write programs in DHTML, XML, PHP,AJAX to analyze the real world problems.

Project Work

              To enable the students to develop their creativity.

To enable the students to create new ideas/innovation

List of Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Systems, Printers
  • Turbo C (Version 3.0 & 4.5)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic, VC++
  • UNIX / LINUX Operating System
  • Oracle 10 G Server Edition or Oracle Stand Alone Edition
  • J2SDK(Freeware)
  • Turbo C (Version 3.0 & 4.5)
  • JAVA Compiler - J2SDK(Freeware)
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Oracle 9i
  • Apache - Tomcat server
  • Tomcat Server