About the Department

Department of Management Studies was started in 2009. It is engaged in grooming managers. The training of their mind and heart is rigorous and based on strict discipline rooted in compassion, trust, right conduct and sacrifice. We are committed to produce a generation of managers who would steer the nation to the height of its glory by contributing to the wealth of organizations they serve in. All our staff endeavors are rooted in human values which will create confident managers with exemplary characters. With wide exposure to business knowledge, management theory, general awareness and practical wisdom, our students remain ready to shoulder any position of responsibility. Their modern outlook blends managerial skills remarkably well with traditional wisdom to give an edge to their professional competence and ability to deal with challenging situations in life successfully.


The Department of Management Studies launched at UCET with a vision to emerge as a centre of excellence in providing superior real-world learning in business management education and new knowledge producing managerial leaders with global competencies, foresight, dynamism and value-laden personalities. Its vibrating culture and creative ambiance provides unique blend of contemporary business knowledge, skills, innovativeness and sensitivity to societal issues.


The Department of Management Studies is dedicated to strive for Excellence in Management Education by:

  • Creating a generation/pool of innovative managers and entrepreneurs who are distinct in their vision and will emerge as useful instruments in bringing prosperity and happiness in the society.
  • Blossoming the talent of all students
  • Nurturing students' wisdom
  • Sharpening students' skills and developing their passion for effectiveness
  • Focusing on academic and research excellence
  • Promoting leadership and soft skills
  • Character building to produce men and women who are the epitome of finesse and the crowning jewels of industry

List the teaching methods adopted by the faculty for different programmes.

  • Multiple teaching methods like lectures, Case studies, Group projects, Business simulation games, assignments are followed to enhance the quality quotient of the student
  • Learning is enhanced through Workshops, and Seminars.
  • One minute and Two minute presentations, Seminars - to enhance Public speaking skills.
  • Role plays, Group tasks – helps improve interpersonal skills
  • Social research and case analysis, business surveys, live projects.

Core Values

  • Believe in uncompromised integrity ethics, and trust.
  • Commitment towards providing reliable, responsive, safe and value added management education.
  • Collaboration, cooperation, team work and responsibility.
  • Nurturing participative and empowerment oriented culture.
  • Emphasize on industry-academic interface
  • Meeting and exceeding students growing aspiration through innovation and creativity.
  • Create a caring environment that allows faculty, staff, and students to reach their greatest potential.

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